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Does it happened to anyone?

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Does it happened to anyone?

Does it happened to anyone, that after completing certain work, the client don't pay up and stop responding?? Please suggest how to deal such problem and avoid them.....



Yes I am afraid it does. Sometimes its not the persons (client) fault, and sometimes it is. We did a project for a guy that lives out in England, and when he didn't pay, my boss flew all the way from here (South Africa) over there. He tried to find him, to beat him up, but with no luck! I dont suggest you do the same, as not only did my boss not get paid for the job, but then he wasted all that money to get over there!
I am not sure if there is a way you can deal with it. Like I said, if the client went bankrupt, theres not much you can do but laugh it off. But if he didnt...maybe there is a way. :o