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I need help choosing an Online school

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I need help choosing an Online school

I am currently looking at several online schools. I am not a traditional student and can not attend a campus at this time. I do realize that some of the better schools do not offer online studies, but I'm sure there are some good or great schools out there that do offer online studies.

I am mostly interested in 3D computer animation. I would, one day in the not to distant future, like to work on a major theatrical production (Pixar, DreamWorks, Disney, ILM, Fox, etc...), so I don't want to get caught in a gaming school that doesn't prepare me for my dreams.

Can anyone please assist me with this? I wish I could attend Ringling or an equivalent school, but right now online is my only avenue. Or is there some other avenue I may have overlooked? Please help me.

Thanks in advance.

Some of the online schools I'm considering:

The Art Institute Online
Westwood Online
Mt. Sierra Online
ITT Tech Online
Pratt Online (I think they offer online)

online school info...

Hello Silver Crash,
Here's some info... look at this thread:
"College Advice/Guidance?" started by lizz here on awn educator forums.

On page 2 of that forum I have a bit of info; basically, folks don't seem to trust those online art institutes... they seem to be low-quality-degree-mills.

The only MFA I've found online that's real is the one by Academy of Art in San Fran.

Good luck & PLEASE post any good info you find.

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I was going to mention the Academy. As a recent full-time grad from the Academy of Art I have heard rumours throigh the halls of the School shifting into a fully-online campus, so jumping in on the ground floor now may be a good idea. They also have an EXCELLENT 3d program- from what I can attest to being on the wrong side of it. *snicker* They also have a great Film reputation, but anything other than that can be considered a bit of a write-off.


May i ask why you cant attend art school at all? If you really want to work at the big studios then you will have to put in 1000% of effort, and then with good tutorage that is person to person (you can never beat a good personal crit) then you will have a fighting chance at getting a decent job at these places you've mentioned. To get to the places you've mentioned takes time, effort, ambition and not to mention money.

I dont know your personal situation atm - but an online course could be a stepping stone towards going and learning at a full time college, that way you would be familair with the software etc, and would be able to concentrate on your visuals.

I wouldent be to bothered about what people or employers think about what degree you have and where you got it from, what matters is how talented, hardworking and easy to get on with you are.

Hope this helps