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Hangover Cure

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Hangover Cure

Something I've been working on amongst the chaos of all my other work (two short films, music promo, training CD ROM)

Rockingham Gardens#1

Hope you enjoy


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The Brothers McLeod [SIZE=2][/SIZE]

The Brothers McLeod

love the end and nice drawings


I don't know if the Hangover Cure was supposed to go beyond the "Vegetables!" punchline, but on my computer, when I hit next, that's all I get and then the page resets itself. Wierd(?).

I saw the Pfreak show. Love that dancing bear...who...can't stop dancing:) Now that's a perfect short description of a character.

Also Dr. Fish. The illnesses are a little wierd like the cartoons themselves, but the designs and color totally rock. As animation goes that sneeze that the pig does in the first one; the "SPLAK" on the wall....brilliant:)

I'll watch more of them later. I shouldn't even be awake, but I am.

Really great control of Flash! Keep up the great work:)


Cheers for the feedback I will check the script on 'Hangover'

I've just finished another 'Dr Fish' I'll post the link soon

The Brothers McLeod