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Animation/Graphics for Japan 3G mobile Phone Project

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Animation/Graphics for Japan 3G mobile Phone Project

My colleagues and I are supplying animation and graphics for the evolving video tone (called "ringing movies") market in Japan.

We are looking for 10 to 15-second clips with all rights free and clear. They can be character or story driven animation, beautiful and interesting live action clips or cutting edge visual stylings and graphics. Personal projects, one-offs, client pitches or even commercial projects where you own the rights are all fine. Ideally we want visually intering material that will work well on the cell phone's small screen.

The upside is obvious--creating a new medium for the work to be seen and thereby adding yet another revenue stream for work that is probably sitting on a shelf. Compensation is on a royalty basis only. Subscribers must download from a special internet site. Videotones are specially encoded and can not be shared from phone to phone.

The initial launch will feature the "UK Top Creators" package which is comprised of the clips created by UK-based creative groups and individual artists such as tomato, FUEL, Lost In Space, D-Fuse, Addictive TV, and others. The launch is schedule for June 28th and will be supported by events (Wired04, an electronic music festival), advertising and cross promotions.

I have a pdf of a proposal that I would be happy to send along. Email me with any questions.



You sure that email address is OK?

Hey, count me in too :) I already home test material done in 320x240 uncompressed AVI, tell me what format do you need them.

Wrong mail...

I don´t know...
I just sent you an email and it came back to me. There must be something wrong.

Where's the com or

Hey, Would love to respond to that, sounds interesting, but where is the end part of the e-mail?
Listen Michael, my company, Themartist, would be interested. Could you either post your e-mail address again, or send me the details on

Hope to hear from you soon!

Celeste :)

Send him a private message!....

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