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My Portfolio Webpage (check it out)

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My Portfolio Webpage (check it out)

Hey, I finally completed my first website. I am a character designer/layout artist/etc. I will be updating my site weekly so check it out. I've reduced the image quality so it doesn't take that long for the pages to load up. The e-mail link on the page will hopefully be working tommorrow. Thanks for taking a look...................


Jeff, a big hat tip to you! Your BG's are great, they have something that a lot of BG's lack, which is atmosphere. The way that you use the lighting is very effective. The character designs are top notch too. I love the animals and the space creatures. Overall it's fresh and very well executed. Great work! I'm positive that you'll be getting work after you shop your portfolio around! Cheers

Cereal And Pajamas New Anthology : August 2007

thanks dan

thanks, it took me a while to put together in go live but I am happy with it, pages load a little jerky with dial up, but whatever. Now I'll always have something to work on and update. I saw your website a couple weeks ago and how you shared your artwork and it got me wanting to get my stuff out there too. Thanks for looking, I'll keep checking up on what your doing in your thread, bye for now...........

That really is a solid piece of work you have there.........If you ever have seen the Curse of Monkey Island, it looks like they stole all of their layouts from your mind........identical (the style that is)....So you have a job SOMEPLACE =)

I also like the characters....look solid but thin and snappy, a very theatrical coloring job too....You can tell they're about to move..........Almost like An American Tail or All Dogs Go to Heaven kind of look...

Again, kudos!


Hey Jeff, I think the others have summed it up quite well... your work will not go unnoticed! Fantastic, really.

"i love the graph editor"
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thanks guys

Thanks guys, no I never seen Curse of Monkey Island. I would like to now though, I am going to have to see if I can find it. Right now I am not working in an art related job, (summer job) I am planning if other things don't work out(ie,finding a job), to go back to school for Computer animation in the fall. I'd really like to get into making 3-d layouts. Two of my teachers at school worked for Don Bluth back in the day so we learned alot of that type of designing, so I guess it shows through.

Here ya go

And scroll down just past that first table.....everything looks like you contributed in some way, especially the interiors or crowded nighttime exteriors...It's uncanny (in my opinion)

Hey man, great concepts and bg's. Yeah, totally looks like Don Bluth's style. But that's a wonderful thing. the man's a genious.. I actually got to meet him at my church and sit down with him... great experience. Anyhoo, you're in ontario... i lived in Toronto for about 2 years... loved it... wow, way off topic here.... but yeah, i'd love to see what you can do in 3d. You should go back and do the program at Sheridan. You'd be a double threat... :D That is if you don't get picked up at some big studio... What is the school doing for you in terms of employment?


Yeah, toronto's great, .....that's awesome that you got to meet Don. It's funny the story's that my teachers told us about working with him. I was always a big land before time fan when I was a kid (the original). Right now I am just reading up on maya for the fall, in terms of school recruiting and jobs, Sheridan is pretty good lately at getting people from studios to come and see our work at the end of the year and interview. I have friends now that are working all over the place. I would love to travel to a new place to work. Thanks scattered for the link, I really liked those designs and I saw some of my style, I was looking at them and thinking what would I of done differently if I did the layout. Thanks for posting it.

Great job

I really enjoyed these bgs, they are marvelous. Remind me of Monkey Island too...
Tell me, what sotware did you used to render this layouts?


I just scanned and rendered the line drawings in photoshop. I used quite a few layers and used the airbrush tool. Rendering for me is one of the funniest parts about doing a layout. I want to try painter though, I've seen the more painter quality that you can get out of it.

cool stuff Jeff, cool characters (bit mix of disney new style), i like your BGs, you have talent for that.
keep up the cool work.

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thanks shany, I really like making layouts and I have always wanted to get into layout design when I finished school.

Man, that is some scary good work Jeff. Have you tried sending out your portfolio to studios already? I would think your work is strong enough to get you in to many studios. I really loved your circus characters along with that layout of the bigtop. That totally looks like where those scary clowns live. I loved your wolfman, the strongman, or trapezze guy, and the WW1 flying ace looking guy. They have some very nice rhythm going on. I could totally see them animated. Those designs have a nice French or European feel to them, if that make any sence. Great stuff, I look forward to seeing more of your work.

The Ape

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I really liked doing the circus people, the word war guy is the guy that gets shot out of a cannon, I put a little spin on it. I will be updating on friday, a couple bg's and some characters, it's easier to put all the designs up once a week instead after each little drawing project. I have sent out some packages to studios, mostly the bigger studios, they liked my work but I haven't heard anything as of yet.

Render again

That´s cool, photoshop still gives a lot of possibilities to illustration. I presume you use the same tecniche to make the characters.


yep, same process for the characters, usually colour them solid first then add a layer or two of shadows.


What a nice characters! Tell me how you got that skill.
One thing I wanted to see is one animation of yours. Do you have any one?

maybe eventually

I have tons of animation, I've got my three minute film and a whole bunch of assignments from school, (ie, walk tests, lip syncs, little leica reels with animation) doesn't mean it is all good though, I might eventually put some of that up. It's funny looking back at them now, I have about three scenes in my film left to do before I put it up though. I just checked your wesite, very nice, your all up in the flash, that's someting that I would really like to learn. I always like drawing characters, going to school and learning design concepts helped alot. There will be some more stuff on tonight. later

a couple new drawings

I posted a couple more drawings for this week, some more western characters.



Some new characters and a newer coloured bg, take a look see if ya like.

animal characters

Love the animals Jeff. That doctor one reminds me of Dr Zauis from POTA. Great work! Cheers

Cereal And Pajamas New Anthology : August 2007

new animals

some new animals.............animals page 2

Thanks Dan, I had POTA in mind, but really didn't notice the resemblance till after.

new pages

I think this will be my last reply to this thread, I might join dans again, just some new pics for this week, more characters.
swinging fifties

Wonderful work. Slick and professional. Planning on pitching?


No plans on pitching right now, there's no particular story/show idea that I am stuck on. Just planning on drawing new stuff in my spare time while I take computer animation at school.

Sweet as usual! Keep them coming

Cereal And Pajamas New Anthology : August 2007

Kill Bill

I was watching Kill Bill Yesterday and thought I would try the characters in a line up, they turned out ok, I like how gogo turned out.Kill Bill Characters

Cool site man !

i like your style , alot of originality and "style"
Very cool...

Good luck to you !


And you look like Bruce Timm ! ;-)


great work!


Just viewed you site, on your bg's-your composition is impeccable/dynamic/lofty and reminds me of the deep depth of field in live-action like 'Citizen Kane'. Your characterizations are brilliant! I can't wait to see what you will accomplish in your animations. LLLOOOvvveedd the 'Kill Bill' characters!


Cool stuff

Hey Jeff, VERY COOL looking website, love the Bg's and the characters are great, I'm sure that website took you a while, I've been trying to finish mine and it feels like it's taking forever, keep up the great work!!

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