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PDI Dreamworks vs. Pixar

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PDI Dreamworks vs. Pixar

Considering emotions and movement, (and at the risk of opening a can of worms), which studio do you feel has the highest quality of animation, Dreamworks or Pixar?


I just wanted to say "Pixar." but the forum configuration complained it was too short. But that's all I have to say about this issue. Pixar.

Both great studios, but Pixar gets my vote.

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Consider This

You get what you put in. I'm sure with all the talent (and talent that changes hands) that if Dreamworks woke up and said "Let's be the the best emoting/moving animations in the universe" they'd crank it out of the park... But I see gag-fests like Shrek 2 and realize while there's a lot of detail there, you don't really go to things like Shrek 2 for the exquisite fluid artistry....

Pixar's more of a balance. Their reputation now is "These have GOT to be real actors in CG suits!" and while their storytelling is strong and they get good laughs, they'll be pleasing everyone generally as the more well-rounded finished product.......but like I said, that's what they go after.....if it was a Friar's Roast they were after, perhaps the animation would suffer?

I think it's a design/style choice more than an animator/animation-quality outcome...


Not only do they consistentley focus on VERY strong storytelling but they also in my opinion set the standard for animation in the industry. I mean think of it...I actually saw people crying while watching "Finding Nemo". Not only is it a fish but a fish that can blink!!!

It takes serious skill to get people to relate to fish! Pixar gets my vote.

Pixar, definitely.
There's something about the acting or emotional resonance in Pixar films that 'sticks with me' long after I leave the theatre. PDI films are like a box of caramel corn--you enjoy it while you eat but it's not something that you look back upon as being the most mind-blowing taste experience of your life.

Animation is a lot like pro sports: Same players, they just switch their uniforms from time to time.


dreamwork has some good stuff too.. but come on.. PIXAR is PIXAR.. the animation gods :D

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not a happy thread!


lol ooopps.. hehe kevan worked on shrek.. a dream work guys..

ok ok.. Dreamworks is better :D

cheer up dude :D

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Pixar has more experience and seems to have better animated sequences. However, PDI/Dreamworks has more interesting designs and stories.

My take:

if you are talking about animation, and animation ONLY, then yes, in general, Pixar has the upper hand. But this can be debated on a shot per shot basis.

Film as a whole, that will depend on the person. For me, I like PDI's stuff, but again, it's so subjective that each person should have their own taste and that's where the conversation usually goes all over the place.

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Speaking of, there's a new SHARK TALE trailer out.

I watched it and didn't notice any inferior animation. :eek:


At first I was sorta scared at the rushed feel of that movie, but this second trailer is much more cohesive...looks like the only problem is that Will Smith is in it, and I can't latch on to that character design knowing he's inside...Not the design being bad or his acting being bad, but he's so instantly recognizable it's as if I feel he's stuck in a rubber suit =)

On the plusser side, there's nothing funnier than his fins being Hammer's baggy pants...

STOP!... Hammer time!

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