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I am Praveen Chrispugg,studying MA Visualcommunication in animation film making in UK. Now I am making an animation short film called "pardigm shift". i put all its preproduction stuff in a website
I will be grateful to you if you can give me your suggestions and comments on my will be useful for my learning.
Praveen Chrispugg

please reply to my email

Really nice work you have on your site. I enjoyed the abstract paintings you have, reminds me of George Braque's work. Thanks for posting your work!

Cereal And Pajamas New Anthology : August 2007

from praveen Chrispugg

Thank you very much for your reply to my mail. I completed my BFA and MFA in painting before i started animation. Mu main research is on merging painting with animation. I did few works. Thank you very much for encouragement and appreciation. I have to go a long distance to achieve. Have you seen my preproduction in
I am making a film and I put thefilm preproductionin a website for suggestion. Please give your suggestion when u have time.
praveen chrispugg