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please give your feedback on my pre-production

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please give your feedback on my pre-production

I am Praveen Chrispugg,studying MA Visualcommunication in animation film making in UK. Now I am making an animation short film called "pardigm shift". i put all its preproduction stuff in a website
I will be grateful to you if you can give me your suggestions and comments on my will be useful for my learning.
Praveen Chrispugg

please reply to my email

Your Geocities link is not working?

from praveen Chrispugg

The website is working. please try it again.

Thank you,

Reply to your story and eveything that that entails....


I am in a similar straight, such as yourslef, and was reading over your work on the story and process to get to where you are now. Man, that's alot of work you, seriously have a similar passion for film making and animation, w/e medium is used, as I do. So, Chris, I especially admired your choice of Greek Mythology as your sort of "Insiration" or choice of topic kinda view point. I am working on a story that implements such fantasy-type storylines, backrounds, etc. I see a detailed mind here when reading your story material, the clay stop aniamtion is the way you are going about the animation part then? Well that's pretty talented all in itself what with the extremly tedious movements for each shot. Ya though, that seems to be a good way of relaying your message to the audience through clay that is. I'm sorry I'm not much of a "helping" replier, but more of a bystander there to give ya props. on your endevours to complete this project in the time allowed and with an awesome passion as well.



from praveen Chrispugg

Thanks for your encouragement. i am glad to know your are also doing an interesting animation project. all the best. My film ,I am not satified with the storyline yet. i am thinking of making it more interesting. I discuss it with few professionals and they suggested me to do some chages. anyway i am in maze now. finding the better story.i don't bother for work but creating a story is difficult. I learn many things in this search. three things are important for an animator like me, 1. storytelling, 2 Acting 3 any animation tool. we usually have the 3rd one then start our work. we have to concentrte on storytelling and acting to create things professionally.
once again thanx for your mail with suggestions.
praveen Chrispugg