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'printing engg+animation' gradSchools in USA?

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'printing engg+animation' gradSchools in USA?

My brother wants to do his MS in 'printing engineering/animation'. I have been struggling to find gradschools/universities to help him. (he has finished is BE in printing Engg and Grpahics technology)
Could someone be kind enough to provide me small list of such colleges in usa?

the least I could do

If I may ask, what is printing engineering, and what does it have to do with animation? Not trying to be smart or anything, but it just seems that the two would have nothing at all in common. This info might help in getting the info you are in need of.


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Re:'printing engg+animation' gradSchools in USA?

thanks Ajaykarat, and Wade K.
WK to answer your question:
Part of his bachelors ‘printing technology and graphics engineering’ coursework covers from offset to digital printing , which expands to graphics (corelDRAW) to animation software like 3DMAX.
Although it starts from printing techniques, it flows towards modern graphics and eventually the animation software.