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Disney in Florida

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Disney in Florida

Just WHAT is Disney's position in Florida now? What I mean is, I heard they shut down the Florida studio. I've also heard there's a Disney animation school in Florida. Does this (or did it ever) exist now? I'm not from your continent, so please excuse my ignorance!



There is no studio or school in Florida... Michael and company saw to that one...

Several smaller studios have cropped up including:

Legacy, Gensis, FireFly and EA in Orlando (EA was already around but benefited from personnel from the studio).

Ironically, seven years ago I was standing around with folks from the studio including Tom Schumaker and Peter Schneider toasting the opening of the PARKING LOT for Feature Animation in Orlando (before the studio ever opened).


Bummer! I may be moving to Jacksonville for a couple of years (from Australia). I'm just trying to get some feelers for what's over there for me as far as education and/or jobs in animation.

Legacy is no more, unfortunately :(
Word on the streets is that their funding fell through at a crucial time.

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