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Length of demo/show reels

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Length of demo/show reels

What is the ideal length for a demo/show reel?

What is the ideal length for a demo/show reel?

If you have some professional experience, around 3 minutes.
If you're starting out or just graduated, around or under 2 mins.
A 30 second reel with all good stuff on it is more likely to land you a job then the same 30 seconds with 1.5 minutes of so-so fluff added to it.


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Thanks for your advice! :)

Dave is right on the money. anything more than 3 minutes gets a bit long for whoever is looking at it to look at. I generally try to keep mine within 3 minutes. Find a good piece of minutes around 3 minutes in length, and end your demo when the music ends. Employers will understand though when you give them a shorter demo, and don't have very much work experience.


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