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animation music

Hi all. I'm new here. I'm looking to do some music scores to your animation shorts, etc. Does anybody have anything they want to have me compose music for? This is a FREE offer. I'm not looking to solicit money from anyone.

All I would need is a quicktime or windows media type file of your work, without music, sound effects ok, I guess, unless you want me to add new ones. ..... .....

Anyhow, email me if you are interrested in collaborating. Thanks.

About myself:

I am a freelance film composer and sound designer.

I own my own state of the art digital recording studio and would like to
extend my services. I work fast and reliably, adhering to the utmost
highest standards in fidelity. I am punctual, professional and precise.
Please contact me, so that we can further discuss my assistance with
your project.

My audio url is:,4675,g0r0l0t0o0i742685,FF.html


Highly motivated and creative professional with proven experience in
audio engineering and sound production.

Pro-Tools v.6.01
Cubase-SX v.2.1
Nuendo v.1.02
Sonar 3.0 Producer
Cakewalk Pro Audio v.9.0
Final Cut Pro
Rebirth v.2.0
Reason v.2.5
Wavelab 2.0
Recycle 2.0
Acid Pro v.2.0
FLstudio v.4
Gigasampler LE
Reaktor v.4
Emagic Sound Diver v.2.0
Antares Auto Tune Plugin
OB-Tune Pitch Correction DX Plugin
Gforce M-Tron VST Instrument
GRM Tools (Volumes 1&2)
Microsoft Excel
Oral Communication Skills
Written Communication Skills
Microsoft Word
Lotus Notes
Outlook Express
Vendor Relations
Interpersonal Skills

Contractor Experience:

Distance Collaboration Technician
-video conferencing, audio systems and telecamunications support at Sun
Micro systems

Music Production Engineer
- Digital optical hard disk recording expertise for recording all
musical styles ranging from rap to country to jazz to pop
- Extensive midi knowledge
- Voice over digital recording and editing.

Composer, Songwriter, and Musician
- Composed, performed, and produced multiple albums
- Composed, performed, and produced film scores for independent films,
and trailers.

Sound Engineer, JJ's Blues Nightclub
- Mixed the audio for live performances
- Managed live performance
- Set up and Breakdown.

I am always looking for something new musically. That's where I take my inspiration. Currently I would like something for memorial day, but that less than a week away so won't expect much.

Pat Hacker, Visit Scooter's World.

Anything you want to share is more than generous. Thanks for the offer Soundonscene.

Pat Hacker, Visit Scooter's World.

i'd like something it seems like your capable and i do my own music, but im curious to see what you can come up with.

see if you can give me a sample it doesn't have to be to develpope just the idea of something i think i want piano mostly. try to do something that meets these requirements.

try to do something thats fantasy like.
imaginative, diverse, and upbeat as well as the opposite at times. try to make it sound slightly dreamlike and keep it happy. make it sound soundtracky if you know what i mean.

throw the first thing that give you this impression and give me a sample i'd like something for my demo reel and listening pleasure:) email me with a sample if you do it and email me if you dont want to. it doesn't need to be polished by any means. thanks

my email is

what about...

I have a short film that I've never found the right music for. The film is only 5 minutes. I have professional actors in it, and the story is excellent. Are you interested?

Erin ;)
The only thing that is truly yours - that no one can take from you - is your attitude. So if you can take care of that, everything else in life becomes easier. ~unknown

just to be clear

It's not an animation, it's live...

Erin ;)
The only thing that is truly yours - that no one can take from you - is your attitude. So if you can take care of that, everything else in life becomes easier. ~unknown

Music Score

I'd love to compose for your animation, but you need to send me a quicktime file, with out music, and then I try to create music that fits your story, or comic or whatever it is that you have animated.

That's the way film composition is done. Not the other way around. :)

(If interested I can arrange to transfer your large animation file over the net. )

Actually I animate the other way around. I start with the sound file first, that way timing is on. But I understand your viewpoint.

Pat Hacker, Visit Scooter's World.

what about

what if we sent you like concept art or storyboards and maybe the story could you do it. cuz i want to animate to the music.

i also start with music, especially if a character will be singing a song - that's the way animation film composition is done, unless your robin williams in mrs doubtfire.


I guess I see your point too. I never thought about the whole mouth movement thing. I know next to nothing about how computer animation is done, so pardon my ignorance if you will.

Any ideas for a story line, or something? What do you have in mind? Run something by me, and I'll brainstorm- the sort of music I hear. :)

Soundonscene do you have anything already put together, that you'd be willing to share?

Pat Hacker, Visit Scooter's World.


Sure, just go to my website, and download anything you like. Feel free to use it. If you need me to edit something out, etc, or have any requests, then let me know, and I'll try to accomodate you in anyway I can.,4675,g0r0l0t0o0i742685,FF.html

Wow! This is such a good opportunity! I think entertaining animation is not animation without music! Well as far as animations go, I haven't one yet for you to do, but this Setember I start my animation degree so keep in touch, we may be useful contacts for each other in the future (more useful for me I suspect!)


Film Score

I have been scoring films for a few years now, and I'm intrigued at the prospect of writing music for animation projects. I am writing a lot of music right now for money, however, for those of you who would like I will score your first film for free. I am known for my orchestrations, and write with virtual instruments (like the ones used in Narnia, Gladiator, and many other films). If you're interested please email me at

Hey Nate,

That's a very generous offer. Do you have a site where we can go and hear some of your previous work? And welcome!

I usually animate to music also, but , I do have some pieces for which i
'd love to have you try some music ..
are you still interested?

It's a three minute hand animated piece..
where would you like me to send it??

dear mr. soundonscene............ i have an animation with no music or sound effects....... i would hope u could do this for me,,,,,,,,,, if possible.... how do i send the quickitme file to u?? thanks

u can emai lme or reply

General Update

Right on!

Pascal has sent me a quicktime file and I've been composing and sound designing to his animation. It's coming along quite well, and looks and sounds great, thus far.

Maybe, when I've completed, Pascal will upload the file someplace for all to view. That would be great! It would give us both a chance to showcase our efforts.

In the meantime, I just wanted to keep this thread alive, for future prospective collaborations. Thanks for reading. :)

I'm definately putting you under favorites.
This is just pie-the-sky at the moment but what would you charge for a commercial?

hands off guys,, he's mine

just kidding..
hey brian..
i think it is so great that you get all this exposure..
if you like my stufftoo.. i have a LOT more.
better stuff also..

just let me know if you need any more



I just finished doing sound design and scoring music to one of Pascals animation shorts. I'm hoping he will post it someplace for all to see. I'm also hoping he sends me a copy of the final cut, when he's done editing the audio to the visual. Anyhow, it was a lot of fun.

I have a few other projects in my que right now, but if anybody else is interrested in having me compose for their animation, please don't hesitate to contact me. Thanks again!