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New Trailer for 'The Incredibles'

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New Trailer for 'The Incredibles'


This movie is gonna be AWESOME...all hail Brad Bird!:D

It looks really politically sensitive. But my question would be why couldn't it have be conceived as a 2d project. I am still not enamored of 3d, and I've studied it. It still has a plastic feel to me. I enjoy some of it but sometimes, I wonder if it isn't just done for the wow factor...which to me is getting pretty thin.

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Well, correct me if I'm wrong here, but wasn't "The Incredibles" sort of conceived at Pixar? Pixar's medium of choice, and they're entire pipeline is dedicated to of course this movie is going to be a CG flick.

And as CG artist, I work in CG because that is what I enjoy doing, not because I think I'm going to wow my audience with my choice of medium.

...........why couldn't it have be conceived as a 2d project.................


Ummm....It probably could've...But I have great faith in PIXAR. Every film they have justified as to why 3d. The medium of 3d when done right lends to believabilty. Pixar has successively done that. Whether or not I like Nemo as much as predecessors it was the best realisation of that story, for example. Pixar strikes me as the type of studio that if a picture was to be best hand drawn they would do it. The story and its plausibilty to audience comes first to them.

I am anxious for the release of this one. It looks marvelous. I am a bit miffed with it, cuz it closely resembles an idea I had for a series, and had started developing, but it is bound to happen I guess. If one person is capable of coming up with an idea, it is likely that another could come up with the same idea (unless you are a Wachowski).

I will not get into a 2D vs. 3D debate on this one. It could have been done in either medium, and would have been equally as sucessful (I believe). It is obvious by the trailer that the writing is again what will make this film a LOAD of money. Frankly, I am tired of the whole 2D/3D debate. I have finally started REALLY LEARNING 3D, and I am LOVING it. Some stuff is just easier in 3D, and it just has its advantages in a lot of ways. Not to poo-poo the traditional stuff that I have been doing for years and love, but there may be some merit in 3D after all.

I will disagree with the comment that someone had made about 3D simply woo-ing audiences in a much bigger way than 2D ever could (due to its look). There are three things that woo the audience: WRITING, WRITING, and WRITING. Anyone who believes otherwise is mistaken I am afraid (no offence is intended to whomever made this comment).


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I love the look of the film!

My favorite part is that it's directed by Brad Bird!

Story is always king, and always will be. I just wish somewhere along the line with 3d, something would happen that even with all the texture stuff that came out of "Monsters Inc.", would lead to the characters not seeming so plastic. It's probably not possible at this time, but I am sure some time in the future it will be.

I realize that by concepting a character in 3d actually it's easier and less comsumptive hourwise for the the animators, but I just wish they'd lose the plastic look. I just can't help but think of rubber duckies when I see some of this stuff.

And I am a fan of Shrek...but I think I like Shrek because of the characters personalities more than anything and how much of that is voice acting. I still get the impression I could pick most of the characters up and make them squeek like a dog toy.


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Glad to hear you're switching to the "Dark Side" Wade, now all we need is to turn Larry, and we can rule the galaxy as... oh wait. :D

Me and all my co-workers are just bumed we have to wait till November to see this movie. The thing I'm most interested in is that it's by Brad Bird and not Lasseter, Doctor, or Stanton. I love their movies too, but I believe this will be a first for PIXAR, to have an outsider write and direct one of their movies.

Yes, this could've been a traditional feature, but in today's feature animation climate, would you really WANT one of the big studios to animate The Incredibles?" Actually all of PIXAR's movie's could've been traditional animation. The only ones that would've been hard to do, would've been Bug's Life and Nemo, because of all the ants, and the schools of fish respectively.

I'm not looking forward to Shrek 2 or Shark's Tale. I didn't like the first Shrek too much, but I'll see them both, and make up my mind then.

Looks like we're gonna have a fun movie year in 2004 :)

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thanks for putting that link up.
The movie looks great, can't wait to see it.
I agree with Ender, its a Pixar Flic, so its going to be 3d.

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it looks lovely

cg is always going to top traditional animation with general joe public because they want bigger and better when they buy a cinema ticket.

thats why the die hard, terminator, alien, etc films always do well at the box office

2d just wont do that for alot of people i guess
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I can't wait to see this movie.
I finally decided to go see Shrek 2.
Also, is anyone going to see a "Shark Tale" in October?
When I first heard about "Shark Tale", I immediately thought about "Finding Nemo".
I will be adding "The Incredibles" to my dvd collection when it comes out.
Cars is scheduled for Nov. 2005 I think.

I hate prejudging a film either way but......