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April Hwy. clean-up

COME CLEAN THE HIGHWAY WITH NIK & NANCY -- Spring is here so let's take to
the highway to do something for Mother Nature (and ourselves too!!!
Sunday, April 24th. We meet at our house at 9:00 AM for brunch, watch the
safety film and then take to the highway for a couple of hours of good clean
fun!!! Be sure to save time afterward for the Bar-B-Que in our beautiful
back yard and even stick around for the evening film. Be sure to wear long
pants and good walking shoes. Questions??? meeting address???? call Nancy
at 415/ 681-3189



Nik And Nancy need a house-sitter during Annecy May 24 - June 15. To all of
our friends around the world - here's your chance to come to San Francisco.

It's time to roam Europe in search of new animation, and while we're away in
France, we need a dependable person to enjoy our house and great back yard
in these times of global warming. We will be gone from May 24 until June 15,
and basically need for the person to walk our elderly dogs a few times a day
and feed them. Other than that, there will be some great weather to sit in
our back yard and create, party, or whatever.

Get in touch with us soon if you would like to take advantage of a great
house in the Sunset District of San Francisco.


Three All New Nik Phelps Performances

SUNDAY, February 27th Celebrate 79 years of Movies at the Balboa Theatre
Birthday Party.

Don't miss the rare opportunity to hear Nik Phelps perform his new original
score for the 1926 Greta Garbo classic TORRENT. Accompanying Nik will be
the incomparable pianist Frederick Hodges. In true 1926 movie fashion there
will be a vaudeville show featuring magician James Hamilton, Ms. Suzanne
(Kitten on the Keys) Ramsey on piano and witty vocals, a newsreel and Nik
and Frederick having musical fun with a cartoon.All this and prizes and
Birthday Cake too!!!!

SUNDAY, February 27 1:00 PM
Balboa Theatre - 3630 Balboa Street (at 37th Avenue) in San Francisco


Nik & Nancy WILL DO their Yard Sale this weekend, Sprocket Ensemble next performance - Feb 27, March 4 and 5

The sun is out, and we're over the flu - SO... we're doing our next big yard

Sat. and Sun. 9 til 4.

Speaker stands, furniture, bike, books and all - they're out and ready to

2066 30th Ave. at Quintara in San Francisco

Nik and the Ensemble have two public performances coming up:

Feb. 27 at the Balboa theater at a gala celebration of the 78th anniversary
of the theater, Nik and pianist Frederick Hodges will perform Nik's new
score to the Greta Garbo film Torrent.

March 4 and 5 Nik and the Sprocket Ensemble will perform to new European
animation in San Francisco and Oakland - March 4 at Varnish Gallery in SF
and March 5 at 21 Grand in Oakland. More details later.


NO SALE - it's called off at Nik & Nancy's - Oh dear, Nancy's got the flu!!! Sorry, we'll see you next time.

Hello to all our friends here and abroad. Sorry to say, but Nancy has the
flu that's going around San Francisco right now, so we're postponing the
sale til next good weather. Sorry we'll miss you this weekend.
Nancy and Nik


Garage Sale @ Nik & Nancy's

Saturday and Sunday, January 22 and 23 look like they will be beautiful so
Nik and Nancy are taking to their front lawn and driveway with lots of good
stuff . . .Treasures range from speaker stands and a microwave table to
costumes, cookware and lots of fun stuff.

Saturday and Sunday 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM        SALE CANCELLED IN CASE OF

2066  30th Avenue(Pacheco & Quintara)

San Francisco


Nik & Nancy update: House Sale, not Yard Sale

Due to the continuing reports of impending rain for the weekend Nik and I
are holding our first house sale -- vintage hats, gloves, selected clothing
, costumes, kitchenware and many other household  items.  This sale is only
NOT POST TO CRAIGSLIST!!!!!! If you have been to our parties and have had
you eye on something special in our house this might be your chance to take
it home with you.

Saturday and Sunday, January 8 & 9  (yep Nik's birthday!!!)

12:00 Noon to 5:00 PM  (dear friends, PLEASE Do Not arrive early)

2066  30th Avenue

San Francisco   (between Pacheco & Quintara)