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Pretty Persuasion

Idea Blogs

Viral Is An Idea, Not A Production Asset

If you’ve worked on the advertising side in the last few years, you’ve undoubtedly heard someone put “viral” on the asset list. To presuppose that something will “go viral” is to embrace an oxymoron, but it’s important to remember that at the core of many passed along pieces is this: infectious fun.


Fireflies West Ride Shines Light on Cancer Research & Treatment

Our industry is often focused on producing entertaining media to help sell products, so when I heard about members of our community coming together for the Fireflies West fundraising cycling ride for cancer I was moved – no persuasion needed – to write about this amazing endeavor.

Design Blogs

PromaxBDA's Microsite Highlights Industry Thought-Leaders

I’ve already professed an interest in industry conferences, and often wish that I could have more time with featured speakers at events I attend. So when the team at Wiredrive said they were creating a custom microsite (,)for PromaxBDA with interviews featuring design, marketing and branding luminaries I was excited.

Award Blogs

Medals and Marketing - Award Shows Provide Honors and Brand Boosting

Award shows are an important element of a company’s marketing plan; the top tier shows are judged by some of the highest ranking members of our industry and provide opportunity for ongoing peer and client recognition. As with film festivals, the selection process for any award show is subjective and secretive, so entering is a gamble. But for a few hundred dollars a year, your company and work could receive exposure easily worth tenfold.

Films Blogs

Reading Between The Lines: Select Words, Vivid Interpretations & The Online Community Unite In Philips' Campaign

Philips and ad agency DDB approached RSA Films to commission five films under the banner Parallel Lines. 45 RSA Directors submitted concepts surrounding a single script supplied by the agency. From those, five diverse concepts were chosen for production; the result is a testament to both directorial interpretation and social media promotion.

Film Blogs

Exploring “One Square Mile of Earth” with Filmmaker Jeff Drew

Jeff Drew ( is an independent animation director, illustrator and designer whose recent project, “One Square Mile of Earth,” has charmed audiences at numerous film festivals, including Sundance and SXSW. I caught up with Jeff to ask about the uniquely populated “One Square Mile of Earth” and his festival run.

Motion Blogs

Motion Comics Put The Blam! Pow! Into Feature Film Marketing

When I was a kid, I loved going to visit my cousins in Seattle. They were avid comic collectors and I would spend hours carefully thumbing through issues of Spiderman, Fantastic Four and other plastic-sleeved titles. Perhaps this is why I enjoy the trend of motion comics as promotion. It speaks to childhood nostalgia while cutting through the clutter.

Clever marketing campaigns engage audiences in unexpected ways that connect, often with a nod and a wink, to the property’s intrinsic nature. Or to poorly paraphrase Marshall McLuhen; the medium can be a major part of the message. Motion comics are a great way of exciting prospective viewers about an upcoming film or television show, even if the property is not animated. And they provide increased opportunities for graphic designers, artists to collaborate with studios and directors.

Interactive Blogs

SXSW Interactive: Content and Contact Make for A Compelling Event

One could argue that SXSW Interactive is as much about online innovation as the ability to connect and find meaning in relationships. Community building, for profit or goodwill, was a sentiment echoed in many of the presentations held during the 2010 conference.


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