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Nuts and Bolts in a MicroChip World


We think of many things as being artistic but are they all art?

So, can we discuss art without having a clear definition of what it is?Certainly, I’m doing it now. Think of all the opinions you've heard and consider how many other diverse views there must be - then try to fashion one that works for you. This is the fun part. Try to create a definition that supports your idea that film or moving images should be considered art as much as a painting or a piece of pottery.


Anyone may buy "The Man who Planted Trees" but how many can own the Mona Lisa?

By Milt Vallas | Thursday, September 27, 2012 at 1:30pm

More questions - Is performance a form of art or does art need to be a painting or a sculpture or what?Literature, Dance, Music certainly, photography probably, ceramics, or fashion (can a dress be seen as art and it’s designer an artist?)You may answer, “Who cares? But what fun is there in that? It leaves nothing to think or talk about. Like a road trip, the fun is in the trip itself, not the destination and so it is with any discussion about art, philosophy, film, baseball, politics and even religion.

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Korea Media & Content Market at the Highland Center

Last week I attended the Korea Media and Content Market sponsored by the Korean Trade-Investment Agency (Kotra).The event was held at the Hollywood & Highland Center and was designed to introduce a number of Korean animation and media companies and their projects to interested investors and potential partners.

Animation Blogs

Part 3-In the Land of Plenty there isn't much help for independent animation producers

Remember the old commercials for an investment house where John Houseman would declare, "We make money the old fashioned way, we earn it!"? American animation producers could stand proudly and declare almost the same thing - 'We don't need any stinking subsidies! We're American!' Whether you're proud as punch or crying in your beer - that's the way it is here in the USOFA.


Part 2-Soft Money, Grants, Subsides and other Financing Schemes - Asia

I used to play poker with an older gentleman who told me, "All money is a pleasure but found money, now that's a joy!" Subsidies and grants are like that - they're found money and as much as you may appreciate money that you've worked hard for, nothing brings a smile to your face and a lift to your spirit like that roll of bills you spot on the sidewalk.


Another shout into the wind, another meandering. Not a must read by any means.

By Milt Vallas | Wednesday, September 1, 2010 at 1:36pm

I'm cranky after talking to a friend and hearing about his interaction with a big unnamed company. Not able to resist the urge to gripe and moan I wrote this little snarly about my favorite whipping boys, the big corporations. I should be able to get on with more imnportant things but like the scorpion in the fable, it's my nature, I can't help it.


Times changes and people and workplaces change along with them.

Do we have as much fun making films now as we used to? I really don't think so although we do make a better, slicker more polished product, without doubt. As animation revenues have risen so has the serious aspect of what we do and how it is accepted. Perhaps the hijinks and pranks of passed days aren't appropriate any longer with so much money on the line for the studios, but it sure was a fun ride while it lasted.

Production Blogs

You mean we actually didn't run out of money? Or, How I learned to stop fearing and love the Budget.

How would you set about making a film without knowing what you had to spend and where you should spend it? It can be done but there had better not be more than two or three people involved and no poduction schedule to meet. It would be far easier to make a simple budget and to know what you need and when you will need it.

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It's not always best to put all of your eggs in one basket

A small piece of advice - even good, honest people make mistakes and use poor judgment. The secret is not to buy into what someone tells you just because you believe the person would never lie to you. Better be cautious, even your mom and dad can lead you astray because they believe you'd make a great lawyer or sword-swallower or pickle maker - A person doesn't have to be a liar to be wrong so while you can respect others' judgment, never set your own aside.

Business Blogs

When is building a shopping mall like making a television game show?

The Mouse Factory is under attack having lost a major Jury decision regarding their accounting practices. Having claimed that "Who wants to be a Millionaire" was kept in the Red despite its tremendous success was too much for a Jury to stomach, awarding a huge settlement to the game's creator.


Top Ten Kid's Animated Series Picks

I knew this was going to be a difficult list to settle on as there have been so many really good series made for this audience. Selecting just ten guaranties that a number of very worth shows will be excluded. Most of the shows I've selected have run for years and have become classics by virtue of their popularity and length of production run.