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Create-Finance-Produce: Get That Damn Show Off The Ground

Producers Blogs

Day 4 of Kidscreen: The High Stakes of Making Kids Programming

With fewer and fewer programming slots available in key co-production territories and the amount of producers vying for these slots, it is no wonder that the stakes are high. At Kidscreen this year, attendees did their best to maximize this precious opportunity.

Time Blogs

Day 3 of Kidscreen: It Is Time To Walk The Walk…

Keynote speaker, author and journalist Steven Berlin Johnson (Everything Good is Bad for You, Where Good Ideas Come From) spoke about the Natural History of Innovation— where good ideas come from. Johnson’s theory is that big ideas take a long time to develop and are usually built on top of ideas from a number of different sources. Innovation comes from mixing these ideas.

Producers Blogs

Day 2 of Kidscreen Summit: What's the Buzz?

Day 2 of Kidscreen and the Delegates Lounge, restaurants and bars at the hotel were a buzz with people talking about creative ideas and how to turn them into the next big hit, and, perhaps most importantly, how to finance them!

People Blogs

Day 1 of Kidscreen Summit: No Rest For the Weary

It’s was officially day one of the Kidscreen Summit 2011 in NYC and the conference was in full swing. Producers and broadcasters from all around the globe are here in record attendance with unconfirmed reports of over 1600 people registered -- probably a couple hundred more not! Kidscreen has morphed from a chilled out meet and greet, development, co-production, “take a step back and have a bird’s eye-view of the business” to a mini MIPCOM market.