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GDC 11 - Level Design in a Day: Best Practices from the Best in the Business

Today I attended Level Design in a Day which had a star cast including Neil Alphonso (Splash Damage), Matthias Worch (LucasArts), Coray Seifert Arkadium), Jim Brown (Epic Games), Joel Burgess (Bethesda Softworks), Forrest Dowling (Irrational Games) and Ed Byrne (Zipper Interactive). Each speaker had the floor for about 50 minutes a piece, with many of of the other speakers chiming in at various points.


Microsoft Announces "Game Room"

In Spring 2010 Microsoft Game Studios plans to release "Game Room" functionality for Xbox LIVE and Games for Windows LIVE users. I've been reading through the details and I can't say I'm overly excited. Perhaps it's my age or it could be the fact that I don't see the value in the virtual "game cabinets," but I'm curious to see how this new venture will turn out.