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Piracy Shmiracy: We Need 21st Century Business Models

The MPAA and NATO are panicking because they don’t know how to replace revenues lost not to piracy, but to newer legitimate commercial content platforms, like Netflix, or ad-supported platforms like YouTube. This is, I believe, a better explanation for the brinksmanship between Old Media and New Media companies over the now-tabled SOPA/PIPA legislation.

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Window Wars

We all have a front row seat at the bar-room brawl that is the media business in 2011. In one corner, the barons of Old Media – the Ruperts, Sumners, the feisty Jeff Bewkes of Time Warner, and the (for now) low-profile but deadly Brian Roberts of Comcast. In the other corner: Netflix’s Founder/CEO Reed Hastings, Larry and Sergey from Google, patriarch Steve Jobs, and the other new gen entrepreneurs who are not afraid of where the business is going, including (in a fascinating case of the puppy taking a bite out of its master(s)) Jason Kilar at Hulu.