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Your Career Jobisode

Finding more creative ways to expand your job search? Try getting more action and less drama from your career search by creating a Jobisode.

When it comes to job search creativity is key.  For some of us, this comes easy.  For others, we might need a little more fairy dust.  It’s tough these days to get noticed and sometimes it’s even harder to find the energy to promote yourself forward.   This is when it’s time to think creatively and create your own personal Jobisode to highlight and promote your career.

As you break down your career in sound bites, like you would a webisode, what are the things that come to mind?  Quick, Stalled, Creative, Technical, Savvy?  Are you able to preview your career like you would the frame of a film, in small intervals where you can view the details of what your career search looks like from the outside and from the hiring audience perspective?

Finding out who you are and what makes you unique is like looking through a window frame, shadows and light reflect off your ambitions and what emerges is an outline of your goals, dreams and what will make up your Jobisode. Promoting your self is an essential part of making others take notice in a otherwise crowded job market   Finding ways to visualize how you want others to see you in the crowd is a way to create your own Jobisode.  Pretend your career search was like a movie.  What characters would you want to include?  How would you develop your plot, your background, and your set design?  What would be your location?

Creating your job search in ways that resemble a webisode is like breaking down your overwhelming efforts into manageable, attainable and clever steps that make the process fun and entertaining.  Visualizing your next steps like a saga ready to unfold, takes the unknown out of the process and helps you to become less overwhelmed.  Taking this creative approach makes you more in control of the outcome of your career search in ways that make it less burdensome and time consuming.

We all have a story to tell about our goals and our career dreams.  If we position our job search like a webisode we make it less personal and we can focus more on the potential of what we choose to create rather than waiting for something to “happen” to us in order to be created.  Finding a creative balance in your job search is a fundamental ingredient in staying focused alert and sensitive to new opportunities that may be available.

Like creating a webisode, creating your jobisode can be a fun way to develop your skills, flex that creative muscle and actually remain productive as you search for your next big break!

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