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XSEED Announces Samurai Shodown Sen

The newest Samurai Shodown has a new publisher, new box art, a new release date and a new name. Hit the jump to see all the "newness".

Ignition will be releasing Samurai Sho.. oh wait. XSEED is now releasing Samurai Shodown: Edge of Des... wait. It's not called Edge of Destiny anymore. It's called Samurai Shodown Sen! XSEED has now claimed the rights to publish SNK's newest installment of Samurai Shodown.

From what we can tell, Ingition is no longer publishing the newest Samurai Shodown. Instead, the same people that published Little King's Story, XSEED, will be publishing it with a new name; Samurai Shodown Sen. XSEED has also announced that Samurai Showdown Sen will remain exclusive to the Xbox 360 and is expected to release in the Spring of this year. Scroll down for some screenshots and the box art.