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Anyone who will be in Berlin for the 59th BERLINALE, February 5th through the 15th should be sure to see WHEN APPLES ROLL. This delightful hand drawn animation is the creation of young Latvian director, Reinis Kalnaellis, and will be screened as part of the Generation Competition category.

WHEN APPLES ROLL is the tale of a cat who lives in an antique wooden cabinet with her devoted friend Mouse.  Every autumn the two friends pick apples in an orchard at the edge of town, but this year things turn out a bit differently - all of a sudden, a strange egg rolls into the orchard.  What follows is a charming story of love and letting go that can be enjoyed by everyone.

From When Apples Roll

Last year when I was in Latvia I saw the initial drawings for the film.  This year when I visited Rija Films, I was pleased to watch it in the last stages of editing and saw that my high expectations were not going to be disappointed.

I look forward to seeing this delightful film at many festivals this year,  and hope to see more excellent work from this talented young animator in the future.