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WATCH: Epic Games’ Kim Libreri Talks ‘Paragon’ Cinematic Trailer and More at FMX 2016

The studio’s CTO discusses producing the stunning, real-time rendered visuals of their brand new MOBA game experience.

With FMX 2017 opening its doors May 2 in Stuttgart, Germany, we’re focusing our attention on some of the talented artists who were at FMX 2016, a group of top industry professionals who converge on the event each year to speak, teach and network. Watch and enjoy one of the insightful and entertaining interviews from the AWN – FMX 2016 Professional Spotlight series featuring video interviews with some of the biggest names in animation, visual effects, computer graphics and transmedia.

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In this exclulsive interview, Kim Libreri, CTO at Epic Games, talks about his work developing cinematic content for Epic’s new MOBA, 'Paragon,' future opportunities in virtual reality, as well as how game development tools, talent and pipelines compare to what’s used to create feature film visual effects.

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Dan Sarto is Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of Animation World Network.