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WATCH: Baobab’s Maureen Fan Talks ‘Invasion!,’ VR Creativity, Tools and More at VIEW

The VC-backed studio's CEO and co-founder discusses the challenges of producing compelling VR entertainment and technology as well as new and upcoming projects led by CCO Eric Darnell.


With the 2017 VIEW Conference just around the corner this coming October 23-27 in Turin, Italy, we’re pleased to present our latest set of exclusive interviews with some of the talented speakers who presented last year at VIEW 2016. Each year, VIEW brings together creative leaders from the animation, VFX, games and VR industries to lecture, teach and network. Watch and enjoy in-depth interviews with some of the most well-known professionals working today. Stay tuned as we add new interviews over the coming weeks.

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As part of AWN’s Professional Spotlight series -- a series of exclusive video interviews shot during the VIEW Conference in 2016 -- here is an in-depth two-part interview with Maureen Fan, CEO and co-founder of Baobab Studios. In this discussion, Maureen talks about how her high-profile VC-backed VR company was started, including how she came to partner with award-winning animation writer and director Eric Darnell and work with CG industry legends Glenn Entis and Alvy Ray Smith. She also shares details about Baobab Studios’ VR short project, Invasion!, as well as highlights the challenges of creating compelling VR entertainment along with the production tools and technology needed for its development.

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