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Warner Bros. Announces Batman: Arkham City

Warner Bros. and DC Comics announce the sequel to one of the most awesome games of 2009! Hit the jump to check out Batman: Arkham City.

Seriously, Arkham Asylum has got to be the crappiest mental institution on the face of the Earth! Not only were the inmates able to take over the entire facility in Batman: Arkham Asylum (while Batman and Commissioner Gordon were both there) but now they have completely escaped and are running amok in Gotham City. Mind you, this is right after Batman had just gone in there and cleaned house! Joker is still busted up from his fight with Batman for crying out loud!

Warner Bros. promises us that Batman: Arkham City will feature even more classic Batman villains than in Arkham Asylum. We can already see the appearance of Catwoman from the sneak preview of Game Informer's next magazine cover. Rocksteady Games also promises more gameplay features than that of Arkham Asylum. Here's hoping for Clayface! C'mooooooooon Clayface!

Batman: Arkham City will be released for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC in the Fall of 2011. Check out the teaser trailer at