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The Vulture Festival - A Pop Culture Extravaganza

Popular “Saturday Morning Cartoons” panel re-enacts Clarise Starling – Hannibal Lector interview with animation voice over stars.

Just back from the 2017 Vulture Festival, held May 20-21 at Milk Studios in New York. A major highlight of this year’s event was the Saturday Morning Cartoon Panel, the 4th year in a row well know actors who voice some of our favorite animated characters take the stage to re-enact classic movie scenes. Moderated by Vulture editor Nate Jones, this year’s group included John Roberts (Bob’s Burgers), Larry Murphy (Bob’s Burgers), Aisha Tyler (Archer), Lucky Yates (Archer), Spencer Grammer (Rick & Morty), Amber Nash (Archer), Kari Wahlgren (Rick & Morty), Niki Yang (Adventure Time), and Jessica Walter (Archer). You can find out more information about the actors and the program here:

Classic entertainment scenes covered by the animated voice ensemble included content from the following shows and movies: Sex and the City, Breaking Bad, The Social Network (featured here with Lucky Yates and Aisha Tyler playing the parts of Mark Zuckerberg and his date), Silence of the Lambs, Girls, and a Friends scene.  Audience QnA followed with thirty minutes of frothy questions including juicy tidbits about past and future projects.  Jessica Walter was asked about the 5th season of Arrested Development which is in production. Aisha Tyler was asked to recite her lines from the Kanye West track she appeared in on Slow Jams and went on to discuss the creative process behind that collaboration.  Page Six featured an insightful article about the Aisha and Kanye collaborations: