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Viz Anime: A New Web Community

Yep, this is social networking anime-style!

Viz Anime

This week Viz announced the launch of Viz Anime, a new web destination that will stream your favorite Viz titles for free! That’s right: Bleach, Death Note, Naruto, Honey & Clover, etc.  And with new episodes being added each week, they indeed have the answer to your Otaku lust!

But wait! Viz is also going to scratch your Facebook and Twitter itch. After all, blogging and social networking sites have transformed the internet into a sentient web  (though if the Latinist in me went etymological on your ass, “sentient” is probably too kind). Hey, if you can’t transmit your impromptu 140 characters, then there’s no real interface, right?

Anyway, with each episode comes the opportunity to comment, to vote via the now familiar “like” button, and debate with other users regarding an episodes’ overall content. Communal interaction is the key phrase here. A personalized profile is the medium of interface at Viz Anime. Tools will be placed in your hands that will manage your viewing history, messaging with other members, and even privacy settings to manage what information is shared publically. And based on your viewing habits, suggestions will be made about other titles you might enjoy.

Yep, this is social networking anime-style!

But seriously, free streaming. Get on board ASAP! The reality of a digital culture is only now emerging. And as much as the free market loves technology, it’s now just as likely to destroy dollars as it is to make them. As soon as that last DVD is produced, free streaming will take a lot of advertising revenue!

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