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An Uncommon Experience

In April I had the opportunity to experience Microsoft’s mixed-reality HoloLens headset during a visit to the Case Western Reserve University Interactive Commons in my hometown of Cleveland, Ohio.

I’m standing before a life-sized human body, the flayed form displaying detailed male musculature. “Notice how you’re all respecting the presence of the hologram,” CWRU Interactive Commons director Mark Griswold says to our group of geeky gawkers as we mill about the periphery. “Holograms are people, too,” I reply.

“Don’t be afraid to get close,” Mark encourages. I reach out to touch the holographic form, inadvertently make the “quit” gesture, and promptly crash the entire program.

The tech team has us up and running again in minutes. Taking no chances this time, I stick my head into our holographic friend. Layers of anatomical topology melt away as I peruse his insides. I realize that how cool I feel is inversely proportional to how stupid I look...

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Kevin is the author of AWN's Reality Bites blog, his musings on the art, technology and business of immersive media (AR, VR, MR) and AI. You can find Kevin's website at and he can be reached at

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