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Superhero Toys as You’ve Never Seen Them Before

Cleverly posed action figures acting just a bit naughty make for some hearty good laughter.   

When done with smarts and nuance, good parody is a refreshing reminder that even our most beloved cultural icons aren’t so sacred that they should be spared the occasional good humored ribbing. And while an abundance of creative laziness explains the preponderance of ham-fisted parody (or rather, lame attempts at parody) we see too often these days, each and every display of expertly crafted parody further illustrates the importance of finding the time to laugh at ourselves, whether or not things are good, bad or ugly.

Case in point: The nifty work of photographer Edy Hardjo, aka Hrjoe. A series of single frame riffs on action figures in the spirit of Robot Chicken’s brilliant superhero parodies, Hrjoe’s work mixes high-quality poseable toys, lighting, Photoshop retouching, and subtle humor (well, mostly subtle) in some uniquely creative ways. His sense of composition and storytelling, the way he sets up and hits the gags, all come together in a highly inventive and funny series of images.

You can find more info on Hardjo's work here: Facebook | Instagram

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Dan Sarto is Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of Animation World Network.