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Street Fighter X Tekken Trailer... Make Sure To Have Clean Undies Available!

Street Fighter X Tekken... I think Plankton from SpongeBob SquarePants said it best when he said "OH MY GOODNESS!"

Stop reading this right now and check out the video!

Alright, here are the meat and potatoes. Capcom and Namco have worked out a deal to create 2 fighting games featuring Street Fighter Characters vs Tekken characters. Yes, I said 2 games! The first one is being made by Capcom in the Street Fighter IV style graphics and gameplay; Street Fighter X Tekken, which you just saw a video of.

The second game will be called Tekken X Street Fighter which Namco is working on and will be in Namco's Tekken style of graphics and gameplay. Namco developers have stated that all of the Street Fighter characters will still retain their trademark moves including fireballs, uppercuts and whatnot. Now here is where a red flag goes up; almost none of the Tekken characters have projectiles so how does one incorporate Street Fighter characters into the Tekken world while still maintaining the SF character's abilities to use projectiles and still keep things balanced? Well Namco might go the rought of having projectile moves come out as a lengthy, unblockable move. Or they might have the SF characters go through a daze after throwing a projectile much like when Devil Jin shoots out his laser. We'll just have to wait and see.

From what we can tell in the video, players will be able to use more than one fighter per match. We see Ryu and Chun Li teaming up against the team of Kazuya and Nina but we don't know if we will be limited to picking just 2 fighters per match, we might be able to choose more. Also, the team up maneuvers look like they are character specific which means that we might be limited to only selecting character specific team mates. Although we might still be able to choose any combination of fighters that we want; It's still anyone's guess at this point. Lastly, Nina and Chun Li only came out to help Kazuya and Ryu so we don't know if team-up characters are chosen to come out only for team-up moves or if we will be able to switch between team characters at anytime such as in Marvel vs Capcom 2 and Tekken Tag.

Either way, we're not going to see either game for a while. Capcom devs are anticipating that their game will not be released until 2012 and the Namco version following it up even later. Until then, I know what I'm asking from Santa for Christmas of 2011!