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StopMoLab Stop Motion Course 2024 Open for Recruitment

The StopMoLab course has just been launched.

We have started!

Recruitment to the third edition of the StopMoLab course, which will teach you animation from A to Z - has just been launched.

We are waiting for your applications until 14 April. This year we have 36 spots for you. During this edition, your mentors will be:

  • Paul Mathot, co-creator of the world-famous Pedri Animation – will be the mentor for the puppet-making group
  • Tobias Fouracre, a world-class animator known for films such as The Corpse Bride, Frankenweenie and Fantastic Mr. Fox – will be the mentor for the puppet animation group
  • Francesca Maxwell, art director who worked on movies such as Chicken Run, The Corpse Bride and ParaNorman – will be the mentor for the art directing group
  • Kerdi Kuusik-Oengo, producer at Nukufilm- the oldest existing stop motion studio in Europe – will be the mentor for the producers'  group

And on top of all this, the world's premier league of animation specialists awaits you - because StopMoLab is the only course in the world that will comprehensively prepare you for work in the animation industry and make it easier to function in professional reality.

The total cost of participation is €3,250 for the entire course if paid in one installment or it can be paid in two installments of €1,875 each. 

Take part in our course and enter the world of animation. Send in your application!

StopMoLab is the only course in the world that comprehensively prepares for work in the animation industry and helps young creators navigate the realities of the industry. From puppet making through animation, art directing and animation production, courses with an emphasis on practice allow you to gain not only substantive skills but also teach planning and fundraising. Mentors and presenters include recognized and award-winning professionals from around the world. More information on our new website.