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Small Fish in a Big Pond

On life in China and percolating projects.

I catch up with my podcast pal Brendan Davis on episode #108 of “Big Fish in the Middle Kingdom,” with another side dish of “Fretful Laowai.”

Lots to share on life in China and percolating projects - including the long journey of

《神隐桃花源》(“Hidden in the Peach Blossom Garden”).

Plus: anecdotes on New Zealand partners, the influence of Joe Grant, and why I don’t need to learn Chinese anymore. ;-)

Check it out!

0:01:30 - Kevin doesn’t need to learn Chinese anymore

0:08:20 - When you’ve been in China too long

0:11:30 - Things you can’t control

0:17:40 - Things you can control

0:21:50 - Brendan’s film news

0:39:40 - Kevin’s film news

1:01:20 - New Zealand action

1:09:10 - Daily doodles

1:09:50 - The influence of Joe Grant

1:11:00 - Brendan’s podcast slate

1:21:25 - What’s the last time you were angry, and why?

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