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This is the abstract that displays elsewhere on AWN - in our department and creative-focus listings as well as on our home page in the blog section. You should keep this to 1 or 2 sentences (about the size of the box provided) and make it snappy - this will be seen outside the context of your blog and the title of the post plus this abstract should entice people who see it to read it.

Here is the body of your text.  Big note - if you're writing in Word, then you have to use the Word pasting feature (the W icon in the second row of icons above) to paste the content into the body, or you'll capture (unknowingly) hundreds of lines of cruddy Microsoft html code embedded within your word document.

It will take you a little bit to get used to the line spacing here - just be patient and do your best, then hit submit, see how it looks, hit edit, make changes, hit submit, etc.  After a few posts you'll see how this little editor is handling your Word docs formatting.


I would also suggest that you get all your images uploaded into the Imagepicker before you post your body text in here.  It's easier to insert the images into the body if they're already uploaded at the time you start dealing with the body text.

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