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Robotech Panel: Comic-Con 09

Unfortunately there is nothing of great importance to report here. As much as I love Steve Yun and Tommy Yune, who are largely responsible for reinvigorating Robotech and its legacy through the Shadow Chronicles, the panel at Comic-Con 09 was reminiscent of last year’s.

Besides unveiling the new releases of mecha by Toynami, they reiterated the talent behind the Robotech live action movie project: producers Jason Netter and Toby Maguire (also starring), and writers Akiva Goldsman, Lawrence Kasdan, Alfred Gough, Tom Rob Smith, and Miles Millar.

And Warner Bros is clearly serious about their Robotech project. Robotech: Shadow Rising, the much-anticipated sequel to Shadow Chronicles, let alone new merchandising of Robotech products, will be coordinated with the movie production and its ultimate release.

The highlight of the Comic-Con panel was Carl Macek. For so many years this was just a name I saw on television, some heavily used VHS tapes, and finally my DVD collection of the Robotech saga. Looking back twenty years, his musings were entertaining. Perhaps the best anecdote was about marketing the series in the American South. Everyone was fine with the depiction of actual death, but the interracial dating and kissing drew red flags. And this was the 80’s!

It was cool to see in person the man responsible for introducing something that, even at 35, I still love.

I’m rounding up some contacts at Warner. So, as time passes, I’ll try to bring you the latest info on the Robotech movie.