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A Quick Overview of Uri Lotan’s ‘Black Slide’ Short

In this Oscar- qualified film, courage against terrifying odds at the water park can mean much more than becoming a hero to your friends.

Black Slide is a 2021 Israeli animated short by Uri Lotan. Winner of the Audience award for Best Short Film at the 2022 British Animation Awards qualifies it for the 95th Academy Awards in the category Best Animated Short Film.

The film reaches out beyond the classic “courage to overcome” tale. While monster waterslides may not be the first healing choice of trauma therapists, they certainly make for dramatic cinema.

A young boy struggles to come to terms with the devastating loss of his mother. The pain, and overwhelming sense of hopelessness and helplessness, drive him to consider an irreversible option. Overcoming this dark core will take absolute proof that he has within him the courage and strength to survive almost anything. And a terrifying water slide presents just that challenge.

Well animated in CG, this short tackles a difficult subject. In fact, given the state of world events these days, and the emotional struggles experienced by so many children, this dramatic short film might provide an excellent talking point to connect with troubled kids.

Uri Lotan is an animation director living in Tel Aviv, Israel. After graduating from Ringling College of Art and Design he worked for, among others, Disney and Sony Pictures Imageworks. He made his debut music video as director in 2016 with Ma’agalim for Jane Bordeaux.

Check out the trailer: