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Structure your screenplays faster, better and easier with the help of this outstanding new software!

Four years ago I told you about Mitchell German's Core Elements, a superb new way of looking at screenplay structure that made it a lot easier for me to write screenplays even though I'd been doing it professionally for decades. You can read the post here.

Since then, Mitchell came out with Plot Control software to help screenwriters apply his Core Elements to their writing with onscreen explanations and prompts.

Plot Control 3.0 has just been released with many valuable updates that make it even easier and faster to develop and write better screenplays. But now the software runs directly from the cloud and includes screenplay formatting software. Plot Control's screenplay formatting software isn't as robust as Final Draft 9, but the entire software package only costs $139 (see below for a 40% discount). AndPlot Control 3.0 is much, much more than a screenplay formatting program. So if you don't need Final Draft 9 for production reasons, Plot Control 3.0 is a fantastic bargain. I highly, highly recommend it.

Here is just a sample of the features you’ll find in Plot Control 3.0—

Start Here tab

Plot Control 3.0 helps you structure your screenplay from beginning to end. The Start Here tab (partially shown above) helps the writer lay out the basic theme, character and plot structure elements using Mitchell’s Core Elements method.

Story Triangulation tab

Next comes the Story Triangulation tab where the writer further develops the theme and character elements. Here’s how Mitchell explains it on the handy pop-up tip:

Story Triangulation pop-up

The Core Elements tab is where you flesh out the details of the major plot elements, laying out the plot and developing scenes.

Core Elements tab

You can create as many information “bubbles” as needed. And the bubbles can have bubbles making detailed structuring easy. This is where the most important structuring takes place. All of the Core Elements have pop-up explanations like this one:

Core Elements pop-up

Following the Core Elements tab are tabs for Act One, Two and Three, where the corresponding plot elements are indicated. Here is where you would put what you’ve developed on the Core Elements tab into chronological order as the screenplay develops. Once again you can create as many information bubbles as needed.

Act One tab

There’s also an outline view that takes all of the information you’ve inputted and lays it out in order on one continuous page (not shown).

Training tab

On the Training tab (partially shown above) Mitchell narrates several videos explaining the software as well as in-depth descriptions of his Core Elements system.

Screenplay Writing Program

Finally, there is the screenplay writing program which automatically formats scene headings, description, character names, dialogue and transitions, including MORE and Cont’d when dialogue breaks to the following page. It's also fully compatible with Final Draft 8 and 9, allowing users to export/import Plot Control 3.0 scripts to/from Final Draft.

Plot Control 3.0 does a great deal more than I’ve described here. But Mitchell explains it far better than I can. You can get a much more complete description at his website. And there’s a special 40% discount for my readers so you can get the whole package for $79. Check it out here! You’ll write better scripts and have more fun doing it. 

©Jeffrey Scott, All Rights Reserved

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