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Pangya: Fantasy Golf

PSP, 1-8 players, Publisher: TOMY.

On Pangya Island you’re not just playing an ordinary round of 18 holes. This hidden treasure offers inter-dimensional golf. That’s right. Whether you want to play the back 9 on a wave-washed course, or test your skills on ice, Pangya has a course for you. Oh, and let’s not forget the 18 fully customizable, anime-esque characters. As you progress, and if you so choose, you might find yourself chipping balls in Bermuda shorts or even a bikini!

Fantasy is the key word.

Addicting! That’s the simplest way to describe Pangya: Fantasy Golf. And I’m not a golfer.

Here’s the deal. Take away the fantasy-driven course designs, the fluid graphics, and all the cute characters and you come face to face with the most important concept in sports gaming: control and accuracy. If swinging a golf club or bat is a complex process of stick and button manipulation, then the game is often a pain in the ass. Here, Pangya gets it right! With two simple pushes of a button you have control over the power and accuracy of each swing. Thus, for non-golfers especially, the game moves fast, holds your attention, and just taps the pleasure center of your brain. Within one hour you’ll be upset, if you still can’t get a birdie!

But, professional and experienced golfers fret not! Pangya has a variety of advanced features: control over club selection, putting topspin on your ball, and even a spike shot.

For golfers and non-golfers alike, Pangya: Fantasy Golf provides non-stop entertainment. Before you know it, you’ll be playing 18 holes a day.