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Outside the Window - Inside My Mind

It takes willingness to step outside the norm for a stroll onto the wild side, and who knows, maybe even beyond, where human imagination gets ignited.

I admit, I am one of those individuals who is often frustrated by plainness of reality as is. Why? Because it does no conform or reflect what is going on in my mind. In fact, it just ignores my wishes to explore its alternative possibilities, prospects and dimensions. Instead, it stubbornly and passively holds on to its rigid, predictable, unyielding and, I would go as far as calling it, constipated status quo. BORING!!!

I deem that its insistence and persistence on being the way it is, is dulling to our senses, curiosity and powers of observation. For why keep on watching something that remains unchanged and boringly predictable? This state of insistent being is detrimental and deadening to our imagination.

Don’t you agree?

Yet, while frustration and boredom are so negative, amazingly, they can ignite human imagination.

Thus, frustrated by the way reality projects itself and puts up its external face, I am also motivated towards experimentation and exploration of alternate potentials. So, I thought to share my attempts at challenging the face of reality by twisting its façade. After all, isn’t creativity about pursuit of distinctive perspective on what is around?

Once unleashed, this kind of exploration does not, and should not, stop. Instead it ought to continue, going and growing, twisting or turning and probing and challenging the infinite potential depths of “what if?”

“What else?”

“What’s next?”

“What if I do this?”

 “And, what if I try that?”

And thus, without it being intentional, we become empowered to enter the uncharted depths of our minds, a space I refer to as “gravity free & reality independent.” Within it, all and everything is possible!

Within it the only limitation is that of the breath and breath of the horizons of our own imagination and its ability and desire to break through the status quo in order to dive into the uncharted void of possibilities.

Maybe that is why so many would  rather stay within the known, where all is safe, predictable and unshaken?

Me, it makes me ravenous for alternate and parallel realities and dimensions, if not Universes. After all, we know so little of what is out there! And we understand as little about what is in here, within ourselves. And that kind of adventure I not only welcome but embrace, desire, find thrilling and inspiring. Don’t you?

I highly recommend it to all those who experience the same frustrations. And, even more so, to those who don’t have these feelings, who have adopted and settled on the ways things are. It does not require any kind of uncontrolled substance. All it takes is one’s willingness to step outside the norm for a scroll onto the wild side, and who knows, maybe even beyond it. I believe that life without it equals tedious existence.

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