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One of the Kind: Part 3 – Farewell

I’m grateful for the journey within my imagination that this tree has inspired.

Maybe sensing my wandering mind, in its own intricate manner, the tree chose to bring me back to reality. And so, I am back, whether I like it or not. Grateful for the journey of imagination this incredible being has stirred in me, I bid it a deeply felt farewell, and begin to ready myself to leave its gracious companionship. Who know, looking towards it from across the mind-numbing road, that this encounter would end up being not only very inspiring but instigating in my mind so many questions and reflections much worth having? This sort of chance encounters reminds one not just of a need to always be open to unforeseen but, when such do come one’s way, be willing to embrace such an opportunity. One never knows what it may unveil.

The tree did not wish me to depart so soon, and it was not afraid to express it through its various features. They began to emerge one after another, turning towards me, reading my mind and sensing my intention.

I could not help but start feeling deep within that the multiple beings leaving within it were actually sad. Some of them seemed to make a great effort in order to extrude themselves out of the trunk. The little fox, below, was the first to peek its head out, turning it towards me. It was accompanied by the goat, rising up on its front legs. Others upraised their branches as so to waive farewell, nearly reaching out towards me. One of the smaller trunks, above, went as far as to turn its lips downward, reminding me of one of my own daughters as little girls about to start crying to steer parental guilt when attempting to win emotional sway.

But it was the emergence of the tinniest of the creatures, all materializing out of the wooden dominion that seemed to strike a truly emotional cord of friendship and amazing synergy between our unique life forms. The tiny hairy dinosaur, its big head tilting slightly towards me, was so shy and yet so charming. And so was his smile. And the snail-like turtle, raising its two long antenna eyes, seems so nosey and appealing.

The tiny trunk being accompanied by the even smaller chubby one, and the surprised baby carried by an equally astonished parent were all projecting profound emotional connection neither side had anticipated.

Oddly enough, definitely unexpectedly, both the tree and I suddenly were staggered that this encounter is coming to its end. On some subliminal or another yet, but unknown to both of us, level or plane, we clearly connected. And so now, as I turned my eyes towards that gray, boring and, at least on the face of it, dull road, and my wandering mind towards the reality back out there, readying to depart, the tree panicked?

Its multiple branches begun to twist and turn, partially in surprise and partly in expression of bewilderment that its most likely did not ever expect to experience in its withdrawn, hidden away from all, twilight living.

Then the tree started to turn around yet again. Perhaps, in the last attempt at enticing me to stay a little while longer? But soon I realized its intent. It determined to divulge to me a yet another of its countless, deeply camouflaged, surreptitious mysteries. As the tree continued to turn and alternate, its countless features metamorphose before my eyes. Then, unexpectedly, a hidden portal to what seem like another dimension was unveiled before me. Was this the tree’s final invitation for me to enter its Secret Garden?

The nearer to this hidden inner space I approached the more irresistible became its magnetic enticement. What would I find on the other end or side of this doorway to the unknown? Was it a black hole? Would it be a new and all together another dimension, or maybe this was a portal to a parallel universe or reality? 

In order to discover the answer to this fascinating dilemma all I required was either a petite sip of a Magic Potion or a morsel of Alice’s enchanted cracker. Or maybe a puff of smoke from the Cheshire Cat’s pipe?

However eccentric and “unnatural” it may sounds, this tree and I had connected on a richer imaginary but also emotional plane. So now, as I was about to depart, seeing the newly found soul mate readying to go, it did not hide from expressing its desire for me to remain. It did so through its many expressions, yet all of them, at least to me, reflecting a disappointment. I absolutely can imagine one being saddened by such an unavoidable parting, especially after years of seeking connection with anyone around itself. Thus, based on my own life’s journey, I can identify with likely thoughts and emotions passing through its aging mind.

Will this strange human ever return? Will I, now that I have been discovered, and have realized that such connection is possible, even across distant species, be able to invite another such emotional experience?

As I started to pace away, back towards the grey, unemotional, bland and faceless road, the tree began to come to terms with my departure. Slowly, it reverted to its neutral posture, dwindling into a misty fog.

Do I dare to state that, if we truly and sincerely are open minded, intelligent, curious and objective about our role and humanity’s synergy with all of the life forms with which we share this environment, our small planet, and “reality” as we currently know and understand it to be, some of us may conclude that we are neither intellectually or emotionally superior to many of the other partakers within our shared ecosystem?  


To think that the human definition of a tree is: “a woody perennial plant, typically having a single stem or trunk growing to a considerable height and bearing lateral branches at some distance from the ground.” This makes me wonder, what kind of intelligent, supposedly educated hominid being, presumably also an expert in the domain, has conjured up such a dull, unemotional and dismal depiction of a tree?

Clearly, and definitely in this specific case, but also including many other trees I have seen in our diverse world, this blog’s protagonist surpasses most of the potentials of the human who authored this definition.

In fact, reflecting upon qualities of some of the people I have crossed paths with throughout my life, thus far, and I am certain that many other such acquaintances still await me on the road ahead, I can honestly and genuinely state the following: lady bugs and butterflies, some frogs, certain fish, birds, bunnies, cats, deer, squalls, dogs, coyotes I can hear outside at night, cows, giraffes, definitely many of the flowers and, evidenced by this blog, trees, and so on and on, some of them of organic origin but others not necessarily so, some live yet others absolutely inanimate are much more inspiring to the eyes, ears, touch and mind.

On further and deeper consideration, I have encountered more colorful, brilliant, memorable and thought provoking rocks than numerable members of what we refer to as “Homo Sapiens.” While, with eyes squinted tight, some might scientifically fall under the Homo Sapiens category, they certainly, even with eyes and ears bolted closed, do not fulfill any of the requirements that could potentially quality them as “Sapient.”

No, I am not bitter at all. Long time ago I chose to give up on holding grudges against people who either crossed or betrayed me, or took advantage of my trust and idealism. But, at times at least, I am realistic.


Magical art of imaginative storytelling is a thrill, a trip of an exceptional kind. Given one’s will, inventiveness and an open mind capable of as well as eager and willing to marvel, this sensuous Muse, one to which we refer to as imagination, is adept at embarking one on journeys to unknown depths and dimensions. All it takes to inspire one’s imagination is a tree, or best of all - naught - the most challenging and invigorating Origin of all. For if one is truly open minded and imaginative, one can become a Creator and as such able to invent and envision new worlds, dimensions, life forms, and realities that are unlike all that we know.

On that very last note I am thrilled to wish all those who read this essay a fond farewell from my very self but also from the broadly smiling, amusing mischievous, the one and only, the Cheshire Cat of the Tree.