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NPR's Liane Hansen Interviews Perry and Talks 'Dragons'

Ten-year-old Perry Chen of San Diego is making a name for himself as a film critic.  Listen in below on NPR's Liane Hansen's interview as they discuss How To Train Your Dragon.

Perry tells NPR's Liane Hansen he uses starfish to rate movies instead of stars to be more "kid-friendly."

The precocious youngster recently gave DreamWorks' new animated film, How to Train Your Dragon, 4.5 starfish out of 5, calling it "perrific" — a word he coined by combining his name with "terrific."

"Because I'm a kid, actually."

When reviewing a movie, Perry says he looks for strong characters, interesting story lines and "stunning" visuals. But the most important aspect of all for him is that a movie has a powerful moral, like Dragon did.

Perry says the film taught that "friends are more powerful than foes, and being different empowers you to see what others cannot."

Also as part of his HTTYD review activities, Perry was interviewed by KUSI San Diego TV:

Click to watch Perry's interview and review of How To Train Your Dragon


(Perry's commentary): My NPR Weekend Edition Sunday interview with host Liane Hansen on March 28 was very popular with listeners.  Right after 9 am PST on March 28, after the show aired nationwide, my mom got a call from GoDaddy, the hosting company to my main website:  They told us they had to migrate my website to a different server to accommodate the onslaught of high traffic!

Perry Chen's dragon drawing, D23 Disney Expo, Sep 11, 2009

We got almost 1000 visitors to my website on Sunday March 28, and many visitors signed up on my website and sent words of encouragement. I look forward to sharing more reviews,  interviews, and news with you all in the coming weeks and months. Thanks for your wonderful support! I welcome your posting comments here and on my NPR feature to share your views.