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New films from Driessen, Barker, Kove & Landreth - Annecy day 2

If the names Paul Driessen, Cordell Barker, Torill Kove and Chris Landreth caught your attention, here is the really exciting news.

If the names Paul Driessen, Cordell Barker, Torill Kove and Chris Landreth caught your attention, here is the really exciting news: they all have new films they're working on, in different stages of production, as was revealed yesterday in an NFB press conference at Annecy. Which means we'll see their films in the next few years.

Every single film I've seen and that was supported by NFB - the national film board of Canada was lovely. Whenever I see the green little logo, I know I'm in for a treat.

My grandmother ironed the king's shirtsTorill Kove. My grandmother ironed the king's shirts.

Torill Kove's previous film "My grandmother ironed the king's shirts" that was nominated for the academy awards, dealt with the story of her grandmother. In her new film she stays with stories about her family. This time about her being a middle child between two sisters. The grandma is present there as well.

Paul Driessen has a new film in post production. The characters in this film called "Oedipus" are drawn as always in the famous dancing line, with the big long noses. It looks Driessenic but refreshing: try for instance to imagine a sleeping man, but his snoring head is lying down on the bed stand beside his body.

But the scene I saw surprised me not only because the the story and the gags. It also surprised me because in the end of the little clip we see the character with other characters, and surprise surprise - Driessen made a tribiute to his fellow artists. I recognized there the woman from Richard Condie's "The big snit" and the character from Cordell Barker's "The cat came back".


Cordell Barker. Runaway.

If I mentioned Cordell Barker, I'm thrilled to report that this wonderful two-times oscar nominee is working on a new film, still in early stages. What caught my attention about Barker is that according to his producer, the film will probably be in 3D animation. It's a surprise coming from one of the best classic animators. But come to think about it, two years ago when I met Barker after the screening of his previous film "Runaway" I believe he told me he's eager to try directing 3D animation. But I really have to check my notes to be sure. What I am sure about is that Cordell barker won't have a problem directing 3D, since his 2D films are so cinematic.  I just hope he will remember to direct as always and not try all sort of 3D movements just because he can.

And for all the above I say hear, hear!

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