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New Borderlands Expansion! -- Claptrap’s New Robot Revolution

Borderlands' fourth DLC expansion, Claptrap’s New Robot Revolution, will be released in September!

Gearbox and 2K have announced the forth expansion pack to Borderlands in the form of Claptrap’s New Robot Revolution. What this new DLC is all about is plainly this; Claptraps all over Pandora have gone plum loco and are rallying together to kill all humans; mainly, you and everyone in the Hyperion corporation. So now you have to fight off an army of crazy, blood thirsty robots in addition to Hyperion soldiers. Not only that but the little buggers have turned many an animal on Pandora into cyborgs so you can expect to fight off things like, what 2K and Gearbox calls, "rakk-traps" and "skag-traps".

Also promised are new enemies as well as old boss battles. Now think about this, you killed all of the bosses from the main game so how are you able to fight them again? Well there are 2 scenarios; 2K and Gearbox are allowing you to fight old bosses in a boss rush mode (which I hope isn't the case) or the bosses have been brought back to life by the Claptraps in the form of zombie cyborgs which would be seriously awesome!

Claptrap’s New Robot Revolution will also feature 20 new missions, 3 new backpack upgrades and will allow players to level up their characters 10 extra levels from 61 to 71. There is no solid release date for this expansion but 2K assures us that this will release in September which means a release date anywhere from just a few days to a whole month away.

I couldn't be happier about this news. Seriously, Borderlands was my absolute favorite game of last year. I put more hours into Borderlands than any other game. A very close second was probably inFamous. Many are theorizing that this is the final expansion pack for Borderlands. Assuming that this is true, I'm sure that many Borderlands players are sad to see 2K and Gearbox stop supporting it. I'm happy because it would now free them up to make Borderlands 2. Now that would be rad! Click here to check out an interview with Borderlands Art Director, Brian Martel.