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Naruto Box Set 14

Naruto Box Set 14
2009 TV Series (episodes 178-191). Director: Hayato Date. 350 minutes. DVD, bilingual, $49.98. Distributor: Viz Media.

Well, one might say that a shadow clone technique has been released. Naruto seems to be everywhere!

First it was my blurb from the Comic-Con. Over the next three months Naruto fans will be able to enter the world of the Shippuden chronicles through TOMY’s release of Ninja Destiny 2 (DS) and Clash of Ninja Revolution 3 (Wii). But why wait to get your Naruto fix? Viz has recently released Naruto Box Set 14. So, prior to gaming, get your anime on!

Consisting of 3 DVD’s with loads of special features, this box set veers away from the main story arc. Nope, there’s no Orochimaru here. Now don’t let the usual notion of filler episodes turn you off. Yes, they’re usually something to be avoided, like the quotidian solicitors outside my Vons. But this compilation of engaging episodes deserves the respect of all Naruto fans.

Obviously there are too many episodes to get into. Two large missions, however, consume this DVD set. First, Naruto and crew must journey to the Land of the Stars, where its people use a unique jutsu derived from a fallen meteorite. Second, our neophyte ninjas must battle a band of water-jutsu wielding assassins as they escort a group of merchants.

Comedy, drama, and kick-ass jutsu; Naruto Box Set 14 delivers everything you expect in a classic Naruto tale. But, since it steps outside the main story arc, it also delivers something unexpected. And that’s why you should pick up this DVD set.