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Mysteries Entombed within the Redwoods Realm: Part 2

For those of you readers who miss seeing the forest’s creatures, its bouquet of textures and colors, I am truly and deeply sorry.

While till this very moment frozen in time, despite being formerly defeated by lightening forces of Nature, now aroused by the sight as well as sounds of these doings, which are clearly beyond the range of human hearing, from the ash emerges yet another manifestation. Though gravely churned and scared, watchful, yet again aware and reckoning, it is eager to either welcome you to his domain or maybe to witness your demise from the creatures reanimating all around you. 

Then, just as you turn away, maybe even questioning your eyes or sanity, another tree turns its neck, with an enormous tortoise head, or is it a gargantuan snake, to glance with curiosity at you from behind its torso trunk. Does it make you wonder or question what its intent may be?

And if that was not amply worrisome, directly behind the unaware and ignorant you, and thus unseen and undetected, at least for now, materializes a beast whose head is surrounded by a deeply engraved mane. All that remains from it missing nose is a deeply disturbing cavity, yet it is its unraveling jaws that could petrify anyone alive. But then, you are still blissfully unaware…

Awake! For here comes yet another, emerging from the cobwebs, it looks like a gigantic gorilla with cud gathered within its bulging left cheek, and spidery snot hanging from its nose and ears. Its vacant eye cavities are unquestionably focused on you. With any luck it will swallow and fill its stomach before reaching you, standing frozen in your tracks, like a puny tree you seem to it, or is it a rodent or a juicy little human? Makes you query what the cud being chewed is made of.

Yet before you have time to reach a swift conclusion, another creature awakens from within its massive trunk. From under its eye hangs not one but two spider webs. Judging by its face, and the parting jaws, it does not seem to be too thrilled by being aroused from its millennium-long nap. Look, it is accompanied by yet another, the cobwebbiest creature thus far. It appears ravenous after all these years, decades and centuries, for its jaws are parting right before your own eyes.

My inmost apology, I was truly mistaken, for here, out of the densest web unimaginable, begins to immerge a Gollum. As it slowly yet purposely pushes through a stretching surface of the tree bark encasing it, its fingers deliberately uncurl while it commences to turn its gaze towards you.

And it is not alone, for from an immense cavity within a nearby tree, a gnome or troll-like creature starts to appear, intensely starring directly at you. Is it in wonder or with another impulse in its vast, wrinkled through time brain? Continuing its stare, step by step, it begins its advance.

But even fallen to the passing of time or Nature’s wrath, distraction, rebirth and ultimate standard of selection compelled by obsessive search and demand for perfection, these stunning beings, whether hibernating or awake, remain aware, watching and judging unaware passersby like us. Whether mangled or obscured by dirt and mud or ornamental by the masterfully crafted spider webs, they are here, watching, most likely feeling, or even seeking recognition and admiration from us humans, the definitive creatures capable of determine their faith and their future being. Don’t you wonder what they, whose perception is defined by millenniums of ever furthering time, think of us whose comprehension of reality is tapered by the speck of time in which we exist?

While reflecting upon it, allow your imagination to fly into the mystical spaces hidden behind the various portals to other dimensions, which will likely remain unknown to us for eternity. For if you look intently, each of these majestic trees conceals a hidden portal to another dimension. So do permit your imagination to slide down the inners of these trees and into the shady within.

Yet the invigorating pleasure of just imagining the endless promises is rewarding and enriching. Therefore, keep observing all that surrounds you, contemplating “what if” or what could be if only we were not restrained by our physicality, or by the minds gravitated by the “reality” about us.

As we turn around to depart this enchanted realm, in which time outwardly eternally stands still, electing to return to the familiar existence known to us as reality, as dubious as it likely is, let us not forget the wonder of Nature who conceived us all from naught but the minute particles which constitute us all, be it the magnificent giants watching us depart, or us, leaving them behind.


For those of you, readers, who missed on sighting any or all of the above creatures, bouquet of textures and colors, I am truly and deeply sorry. May I propose that you learn of, embrace, and then practice enthusiastically my “gravity free and reality independent” approach to thinking and the way of gazing upon the world around you through the eyes of Imagination? Who knows, once you discover its taste, the thrilling flavors and pleasure of such a state of liberated cognizance, the resulting perspective on what you now consider to be a reality will change forever, at least for as long as we, puny little, short life span creatures, are granted in order to recognize what we are missing, caught in the web of materialism, consumerism, egotism and pragmatism. Only then will you be liberated and empowered to seek, find and reflect upon the true meaning of life. For Imagination embodies the essence, origin of all creativity, ideation, innovation and invention.