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My official Holiday card

First off... MERRY CHRISTMAS! Second, I hadn't posted in a while thinking that any day my blog was to be moved to AWN. As busy as they are... that hasn't happened yet... so, I will just continue with my current blog entries until is does happen.

Here is a Holiday card with PETE

The last month or so has been busy with the Holidays, finishing up projects and making sure PETE'S ODYSSEY is out there at festivals.

So far we have been selected to 4 film festivals. We won a first place for Best Animated Short... at the AG Indie Film Festival in Smithfield, NC. By the way, I usually stop of at Smithfield when I travel North to see clients in D.C. and in New Jersey and other places in the Northeast.

Also, PETE is a finalist in the Beaufort Film Festival in South Carolina. It is an official selection in the Savannah International Animation Festival and the Amelia Island Film Festival.

I am gearing up for my next project and will try to share what I can...

The Youtube link thingy doesn't seem to be working - so my Christmas Film Festival has gone by the way side. But I will try to add PEACE ON EARTH here...

[kml_flashembed movie="" width="425" height="350" wmode="transparent" /]

here is a list of films on youtube you can peruse.

Cosmic Christmas
A Wish for Wings That Work
Ziggy's Gift
Mickey's Christmas Carol
Christmas Carol, a Ghost Story (produced by Chuck Jones)
Claymation Christmas
A Peanuts Christmas

and most importantly, PEACE ON EARTH by Harmon and Ising

These will keep you in the Holiday spirit

I still like this one from last year

Have a wonderful Holiday Season!!!