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I was skimming through some images on my computer and I came across this student work. These are representative of the works of some very talented folks from Layout and Character Design classes.

A wonderful example of character constructiuon in 2D from Rei Cayetano

 First with drawing, we would explore very simple basic structure with basic shapes (although we really meant forms – more of a 3D approach) and then build upon these forms. Next, a drawn model sheet was created and from that the participants had to take their characters to 3D in the form of MAQUETTES.

The goal was to see what happened when 2D was translated into 3D.

Many students put a extraordinary amount of effort into their characters. They began with a base, built a wire armature, layered the supper sculpey around and there worked on the details and smoothing - before baking it in their ovens.


Nate's hero pirate mouse

Lindsey B.'s pirate mouse girl

An aged mouse

A sword slinging rabbit

Some of S. Hollis' handiwork

This endeavor was an excellent exercise for them since most were headed into 3D CG animation.


At a later time, I will show some layouts and model sheets.


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