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‘The Making of a Dream' Episode 4: The Option Agreement

Mark Simon shares the details of his Option Agreement for ‘Dream Factory.’

In 1999, I optioned the rights to an unreleased comic book called Dream Factory and have been on a quest ever since to get it produced as a movie or TV series. In this blog I share with you the history, the near hits and the actual production notes as I finally move into production. #Thisismydream.

Contracts are not the most fun part of any production, but they are necessary. Even if you are working with friends, you need to have everything in writing.

Option Agreements allow someone to have exclusive rights to develop and pitch a concept for a specific amount of time, without having to pay the full purchase amount. In this video I share many of the specifics of our Option Agreement for Dream Factory and the various elements you need to include in an Option Agreement.

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Mark Simon is a story artist and director with over 4,000 production credits, including 44 features.

You can find his storyboard samples online at  He can be reached at (link sends e-mail).