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‘The Making of a Dream’ Episode 19: Henry Winkler’s Butt

My art is on his butt!

In 1999, I optioned the rights to an unreleased comic book called Dream Factory and have been on a quest ever since to get it produced as a movie or TV series. In this blog, I share with you the history, the near hits and the actual production notes as I finally move into production. #Thisismydream.

I’ve always been a fan of Henry Winkler. I was also lucky enough to work with him on Adam Sandler’s The Waterboy. I was the illustrator on the movie so I drew all the storyboards, designed the team logos and created the tattoo of Roy Orbison on Winkler’s butt. But, I never met him, until one conference where I was pitching Dream Factory.

In this episode, I detail the story of how I met Henry and how I told him that my art was on his butt…in front of over 300 people.

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Mark Simon is a story artist and director with over 4,000 production credits, including 44 features.

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