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Life vs. Afterlife Part 2

Having traveled and lived in countries representative of truly diverse ideological, political, economic, social, geographic and otherwise distinctive settings, the issuing realities are dawning on me, and in the reflective process also are becoming uncomfortably clear to me.

Having traveled and lived in countries representative of truly diverse ideological, political, economic, social, geographic and otherwise distinctive settings, the issuing realities are dawning on me, and in the reflective process also are becoming uncomfortably clear to me.

The current dominant powers will continue to battle in the lands distant from their own, investing in or supporting those lesser players whom they judge as willing to subjugate to their national interests, or simply perceived as the lesser of the available evils. Except, everything is changing and fluctuating, both in these distant nations, and the corporate dynamics which dictate the major powers’ national interests, investments and strategic engagements. And so one day we support and finance a tyrant who the very next day may, for a multitude of reasons, becomes uncomfortable and therefore detrimental to “our” shifting whimsies. Thus “we” cause downfall of the old such in favor of the more beneficial, even if only temporarily, new. It is a power game played by the invisible, to most, powers and interests ordaining their governments, these in turn dictate to us, pulling the almost invisible strings attached to our lives, sending in  the name of patriotism young people to fight and die for their interests and benefits, tips of which we can only decipher, while most remains hidden under the deeply dark, mysterious and perilous, always fluid a surface.

Under such pretexts as seeding and dispersion of “democracy” throughout the world, the West has instigated, then wrought, what we now so gloriously refer to as the “Arab Spring”.

Meanwhile, behind the curtain, but also in plain sight, fortunes have been spent to protect or to insure control of the forces which suit “our” corporate, political and national interests. Again, we are told that this is done in the name of patriotism, our ways of life, democracy and freedom. Mind you, we are describing and referring to our free ways of life, not theirs, those whom we invade and impose upon, and exploit in ways mostly unspoken of.

By stirring, igniting to existence, and then supporting people whose values could not diverge more from our own, we have unlocked the ultimate Pandora’s Box. Fanatical ideologies, which we do not fully comprehend the depth or motivations of, have thus been arouse. Now they are starting to emerge from the enigmatic shadows, fervent to unleash a apocalyptic and irreversible nightmare on the “civilized” world they full-heartedly despise and hate even more passionately. Again, intensities and logic of which we can comprehend.

They are not interested in material gains. By our measures, they have no “civilized” social or political structures revolving around the kind of socio-economics dynamics as defined by the Western standards. Often, because many of them have nothing, or already have lost everything, or in their remembrances do not recall ever having anything, they have nothing to lose. In this milieu they now seek some form of identity, belonging and meaning to their existence and life as they have been born to, indoctrinated by and representing all that they know. Some refer to is as a mission in life. They find it in a religion that is disseminated to them by those interests that attract these dissolutioned individuals with the call against oppression and against being marginalized by the materialistic “civilized” Western world.

Those who control these new movements skillfully enlists horde of those who are mostly uneducated believers. They indoctrinate these masses into their own image, enticing them with not what they can gain materially here on this Earth, or in this life and in their current lifetime, but in the one after. Under the dogma of a mission revealed to them by none other than the Great All Mighty, they program, motivate, train and give their meaning to the starving for meaning followers. These often young people, with nothing to lose in their current life, are motivated and inspired to sacrifice their physical bodies and lives for the ultimate mission and rewards that will await them, as martyrs to be, in the life thereafter.

This is not at all a new concept. As history has shown, charismatic leaders, some of them, but not all, as evil as can be, have inspired their followers and even entire cultured nations to arise, fight and die for various materialistic causes, hopes, aspirations or ideologies or a better tomorrow. Some of these values were not always comprehended by the naïve or desperate disciples whose minds have been either ignited with patriotism, hope, dreams, or the greatest invention of all - religion, through which voodoo they are masterfully brainwashed, programmed or reprogrammed. However, at least to my limited knowledge and comprehension, the current jihad, due to the present unique dynamics and associated opportunities, has a potential for surpassing all of the past others. And those who lead them can not be as ignorant as those who follow them. This the oldest of rules defining dynamics distinguishing leaders from followers. Such a rule is not limited to the “uncivilized” world.

Cunning ingenuity we humans have been endowed with, has enabled us to invent improbable chemical and biological weapons impact and effect of which none even the wisest of us can not phantom or predict. Hence, even the most power hungry and scheming tyrants, who are able to acquire them, have rarely resorted to use of such. This is because these invisible to a naked eye agents are untested, unstable, thus uncontrollable and irrepressible. These qualities, which make them petrifying, giving a pause to even the most suicidal and fanatical members of our species. I must say that considering how extreme some of the humans can get, I find it impressive. Imagination is a powerful thing.

But do keep in mind that, despite the rhetoric and all the righteous hoopla, some of these tyrants, masters, sheepherders, imams, clerics, ayatollah, caliphs, grand muftis or leaders by any other name or under other facade, are not so different from the rest of us. They want it all now, in this life, and not in some unknown preposterous probability thereafter. Greed, dominance and power thirst can act as the most mighty mind shifters and twisters.

Yet the new, young breed of the religious martyrs, often unintentionally inspired and aroused by our ill-gotten interests and resulting doings, now unleashed to swiftly pour out of the newest rendition of the Pandora’s Box, have not such worried or concerns for the well being of the humanity at large, or for any kind of fear and worry by which we measure our so called behavior or actions. From their perspective, which one can only attempt to judge objectively from a bird’s eye perspective on the whole world’s undercurrents, using a capacity, objectivity and open mindedness which most of the humanity is not capable of, we are the parasite of this reality. For we have distorted, twisted, manipulated, polluted and infected all we touch. And for those of us who have travelled extensively, and with their eyes wide open seen the world’s beauty and ugliness at their best, it can be hard to simply reject and dismiss their entire argument. Just look at what we have done to our planet.

And so to them, they are the true believers. Driven and inspired by the greatest of missions, they do not fear death, they welcome it. Consequently, for them, these pragmatic and earthly concerns are immaterial and insignificant. And so the chemical or biological weapons represent to them the “dream come true” the ultimate magic wand with which to make their wish come true, the definitive and the ultimate, a truly fundamental sword of destruction and rectification of all that is wrong with the world on this plane of reality.

So ask yourself, how can a so called “civilized world” fight, or stand up to, or attempt to contain and control the spread of a force that not only it does not fully comprehend, but a one that can not be reasoned with, bribed or bought or reigned in. With all these abilities taken away all the manipulative skills are useless, we become neutralized. Money is the means by which we have maneuvered and molded all and everything to our liking. But this time around it is useless. This new veracity can not be untangled with reasoning, or with money, given that such is not the objective of this newest and yet most deadly of the known enemies. It can not be won or curtailed with military power, given that this enemy lives amongst and is camouflaged by the surrounding civil populations. It obviously can not be contested with any Western or Easter or any other religion, since there is no other belief that can compete with the passionate and total devotion of the fanatical radicalism.  So what does it leave us with except for empty hands and unjustified hope? Oh, yes, we have drones. But they have idealism, passion, unquestionable and unadulterated trust in their righteousness, coalesced with a will to sacrifice their lives and die for their greater glory.

Since most of us are not capable of imagining other dimensions, and more so other parallel universes, how can we claim the right to stating that our understanding of what is right or wrong is the correct and the only one. Isn’t this arrogant of us? What if in their perception and their understanding there truly is a better alternative, whether in their interpretation of haven or it being another name for alternate dimension or reality in which things are set right and many splendors await those who are willing to find out, no matter what the cost.

Given that I ponder such considerations, maybe I too am a raving lunatic, civilized or not?