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The Journey of Virtual Humans

A conversation with Asian Virtual Human Association director Christopher Chen.

I recently had a thought-provoking conversation on virtual humans with Christopher Chen, Chairman of the Taiwan VTuber Association and Founding Director of the Asian Virtual Human Association.

An experienced executive with a strong history in enterprise application, market strategy, and international partnerships, Christopher established the first VTuber industry group in Taiwan in 2017 — with 15 participating companies and universities conducting technology forums and contests. Christopher subsequently founded - and directs - the Asian Virtual Human Association in 2021, promoting immersive experiences with virtual humans through international events, academic workshops and business partnerships.

Our recorded Zoom conversation covered a range of topics: from recent advances, use cases and ethical considerations, to technical approaches and viewer engagement, the future of virtual humans, Taiwan’s potential in the field, and advice to young creators in general…

            00:00 Introduction to Christopher Chen and the Asian Virtual Human Association

            08:41 Recent advances, use cases and ethical considerations

            15:42 Technical approaches and viewer engagement

            24:09 The future: appearance, cognition, societal impact

            30:10 Taiwan’s potential, advice to young creators

Check out the YouTube video for complete insights.

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